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We are Ireland's first 100% Dedicated Organic Supermarket

After a lot of nurturing, our online store is ready to bring delicious organic food to every home in Ireland. Now you can shop from the comfort of your home and browse through our thousands of certified organic products... visit our online store

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Organic Belgian chocolate

Irish Organic Vegetable Boxes

Introducing our new range of delicious organic fruit and vegetable boxes. Order your weekly organic box now, with delivery to every county in Ireland. more

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Organic Supermarket shopping bag

Looking for a specific product not in stock? Let us know and we will travel the globe to find an organic version of it.

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  • 292 sourced to date...

Why Go Organic?

Food in Ireland has become unhealthy, chemical dependent and highly processed. There are many reasons to go organic but here is our top three:

  1. It's Healthy
  2. Organic food tastes better
  3. No Nasty Additives
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