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‘The Pallet Mystery’ – a true life shop story

July 01 2011 at 15:52

For over a year, the five wooden pallets that we go through a week have been mysteriously disappearing at night from the back of our shop.  Some consider this stealing but we were delighted to save the recycling costs but it did remain puzzling.

Last week we caught the would-be pallet crusader in action and we just had to ask why? A gentle grey haired Stephen, in is late sixties early seventies, answered. He  said that he has been taking the pallets every week, bring them home, cutting them up and has been distributing them as Firewood to all the elderly people in Blackrock for free.

He said it keeps him busy and he loved to think he is helping the older people.  .No spring chicken himself …we helped him load the five pallets this Friday.  Today we raise a toast to Stephen, the pallet crusader.

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What a lovely story. Stephen sounds like a lovely man and it’s lovely to know people are being helped, he is enjoying himself AND the wood is being reused in a way that helps people. Fabulous Friday feeling story :-)

Carol said... on 1/07/2011 at 16:12

The burning of such items as pallets should be approached with caution as pallets are often treated with anti fungal chemicals.
There is a difference between firewood and woods suitable for burning and wood products etc.

Helen Mason said... on 8/08/2011 at 17:29