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Quick Seasonality Update – August

August 04 2011 at 18:44

August is bumper harvest time in Ireland.  Just coming into season we have swedes, turnips, fennel, kale, sweet corn, peppers, shallots, leeks and ….love them or hate them the nutritional balls of goodness..Brussels sprouts.  Most Irish vegetables are in season now and at their best.  Coming out of season shortly are Aubergines and Broad Beans.  All salads and herbs are in full seasonality.

For fruit – BLUEBERRIES are at their best right now, they will be gone by mid September for another whole year,  so stock up now.  Eating Apples are just coming into season bet you notice that extra crunch.  Gooseberries will be out of season by the end of the month.

Did you know?

Apples were probably the first fruit ever cultivated by man and are very popular. Much research has been undertaken to find varieties suited to Irish growing conditions. Like most fruits apples contain more energy than vegetables and still make a delicious, low calorie snack or dessert.

Organic Apples are such commonly-consumed fruits that it’s easy to overlook their amazing and unique health benefits. Apples combine certain nutrients in a way that sets them apart from all other fruits and makes them a food of choice for achieving several health goals.

Research suggests that apples may reduce the risk of colon cancer, prostate cancer and lung cancer.  Organic apples contain high levels of antioxidant compounds.

Culinary use

Culinary and dessert apples can be cooked or eaten raw. They may be baked, stewed, fried or used in pies, flans or crumbles.

In Season?

They are available all year round but are best in season from early August to February.

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