June Seasonality Update 2017

June Seasonality

Exam weather, sunglasses, beaches, long evenings, flip flops and mouth-watering alfresco meals! These are just a few of our favourite summer things. Welcome to our June seasonality update.

What comes into season this fine month? Fennel, courgettes, swedes, celery, beans, mangetout, carrots, raspberries and blackberries skip into our kitchens.

A great bounty of produce are at their seasonal best this month also. These include beetroot, aubergine, potatoes, rhubarb, asparagus, turnips, spinach, shallots, lettuce, peppers, mushrooms, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, scallions, cucumbers, parsley and strawberries.

Not many fruits or veggies are coming up on our radar when it comes to anything going out of season this month. None in fact!

So eenie meanie miny mo … which veg are we going to chose for the esteemed ‘Veg. of The Month’ title this June? How about fennel? Ok so fennel is a herb strictly speaking so we suppose it is the “Herb of The Month”. Fennel has a very distinctive and special flavour. Fennel is pretty versatile too. Fennel tea is pretty delicious and good for the old digestion. Fennel also works pretty well in juices and salads and bunches of other dishes. Do you have a favourite fennel use or recipe? Please do share in the comments below.

In the mean-time please allow us to highlight some of the terrific benefits of the delicious fennel:

Fennel is rife with the stuff! Antioxidants are important for removing free radicals and toxins from the body. Vitamin C is a particularly important one. It is known for helping strengthen our immune systems and contributing to eye and skin health. Vitamin C does wonders for the skin by helping protect it from sun and pollution related damages. Collagen also relies heavily on this vitamin and collagen helps skin maintain a plump and youthful texture.

We have stressed a few times now how essential good sources of dietary fibre are. Fibre keeps everything working ship shape in the digestive and bowel regions and helps rid us of the old constipation. It assist with weight loss and contributes to the prevention of illnesses such as diabetes and various heart-related diseases too due to the part it plays in helping to lower bad cholesterol.

Them bones might thank you for chowing down on some fennel once in a while. Along with calcium, the herb also contains amounts of phosphorous, magnesium, Vitamin K, zinc and manganese. All of these minerals contribute immensely to bone health and repair.

Fennel contains notable levels of iron. There you go! This herb may be one to consider if you have an iron deficiency or suffer from anaemia.

Fennel is known to help ease indigestion and also eases flatulence. Oils found in the herb help to ease the stomach while promoting the stimulation of the digestive tract. This in turn helps to alleviate the build-up of gases. In this way it helps to ease bloating also.

This is an essential nutrient with a whole heap of benefits itself. Potassium helps keep blood pressure nice and level. It has a big impact on conductions and connections in the brain, thus improving rain function.

Fennel is thought to be of benefit to people with certain respiratory conditions. This is largely to do with the presence of anetol and cineole which assist in the removal of toxin build-up in the throat and the breaking down of phlegm.

As with any herb, remember that it is best consumed in moderation as part of a balanced diet to reap the full benefits.

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  1. Marianne Quinn says:

    I have received my first online order of a door to door delivered box of organic goodies and I am more than delighted!
    Great condition – Yay!
    Recyclable cardboard and …and BROWN PAPER BAG packaging – YAY!
    Minimal plastic – WHICH IS …..BIODEGRADABLE!!! Wow! Yaaaaaaaaay!!

    No more having to check every single regular supermarket grocer item for the words ‘organic’!
    No more mountains of Earth choking plastic!
    Nor more long queues!
    No more traffic jams!
    What a time saver :-)

    A very happy new customer :-)

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