Our cups are certified fully compostable & made with plant based Inks

For 10 years now our coffee cups have been certified fully compostable and made with plant based Inks.  

There is a lot of recent media attention about the environmental effects of non compostable single use cups (and rightly so).  So we just wanted to let our customers rest assured that when we opened in 2008 it was our mission to be as environmentally friendly as we can from the onset.  Since that day, we have only used compostable cups that will fully breakdown into compost in approximately 6 weeks.  Soon we will be launching our own KeepCups so that you can refill daily with a smile. Thank you for the continued support.

  1. Our cups are CERTIFIED Compostable.
  2. Our cups are printed using vegetable-based inks.
  3. Our cups are made from renewable and recycled materials.
  4. Our cups are Brown Bin Compliant.
  5. Our cups are Guaranteed Irish.

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