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Organic lemons! You see them every day – nothing too unusual or exotic about them. BUT they are in fact amazing. The zesty wonders are indeed a known source of vitamin C but we’d like to reveal some of the less well-known wondrous benefits of the citrus fruit.

We have all heard of the life-hack of having lemon in warm water first thing in the morning. Honestly there are few better ways to start the day in our opinion.

Lemons are packed with potassium. Not only good for heart health but also nerves and brain function.
They are great for digestion (especially when taken in warm water) so bye-bye burps and bloating!
Packed full of antioxidants, they work magic on hair, nails and especially skin.
Even the very scent of lemons have been proven to reduce stress so they are beneficial to the management of stress and anxiety as well as giving energy levels a kick.
A fabulous anti-inflammatory, lemons are super for alkalizing the body, reducing acidity, which is a growing concern for many who adhere to an increasingly acidic western diet. The less acidic your body is – the more difficult it is for diseases to thrive.
They stimulate the liver and help keep your bowels happy too!
Choc-a-block with antibacterial properties as well as vitamin C, lemons are one of nature’s best friends when it comes to supporting your immune system.
Just to make them even more awesome, they contain B complex vitamins, fibre, iron and magnesium to name but a few.
Benefits your lymph system.
Keeps your breath fresh. Remember history class? Lemons help prevent scurvy as well as gingivitis. Just be sure to keep it diluted so as not to harm your tooth enamel.
So lemon in warm water is basically a magic potion! However there are tonnes of topical uses for a myriad of ailments such as corns, calluses, eczema and varicose veins when mixed with oils or honey (have a prowl about and check them out).

And we couldn’t not mention our personal all time favourite thing when we get the sniffles or a raspy throat – hot lemon and honey! Throw in some ginger (and/or garlic if your nose is snuffly). Tip: grate some of the rind. Lemon rind contains a whole heap more nutrients in it!


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