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Organic lime – priced per lime.

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Yummy, zesty and refreshing organic limes! Not only are they tangy and delicious, they are also laden with nutritional goodness.

Since they are a citrus fruit, it is not too great a surprise that organic limes are rife with Vitamin C. Well hello there, immune system! The popular vitamin is also good for tissue repair as well as gum health (good riddance, scurvy) and bone health too.

Vitamin C can also help lower temperatures, meaning some lime juice in water can assist the lowering of a fever.

Flavanoids in organic limes can help digestion. The citrus fruit is also a known combatant of constipation. Along with the Vitamin C, these flavanoids also mean the organic lime can help prevent the likes of macular degeneration.

Like numerous other citrus fruits, the organic lime also possesses some anti-inflammatory properties. This attribute means it can be good in the fight against arthritis.


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