Organic Oranges per Kg


Organic Oranges – priced per Kg.

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Did you know? Juicy and sweet and renowned for its concentration of vitamin C, organic oranges make the perfect snack and add a special tang to many recipes; it is no wonder that they are one of the most popular fruits in the world.Organic Oranges are an excellent source of vitamin C. Just one orange supplies 116.2% of the daily value for vitamin CThey are also a very good source of dietary fiber. In addition, oranges are a good source of B vitamins including vitamin B1 and folate as well as vitamin A, calcium and potassium. Oranges are so important globally that Orange juice is one of the commodities traded on the New York Board of Trade.

Culinary use: Oranges can be eaten as a snack-just peel and enjoy. Juicing organic oranges each morning is a great way to boost your Vitamin C intake and set you up for the day.


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