Organic Pears per 500g


Organic Pears – price per 500g

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The ever popular organic pear is not only succulent and munchy but also brimming with goodness.

You may notice us ranting on about fibre whenever we are talking about any of our fruits. It is interesting to know though that the pear has been noted as having one of the highest fibre contents of any fruit. As we have said before fibre is just great for the old digestive tract, the management of cholesterol and heart health too. Furthermore, due to the high fibre content, the humble pear could play a role in reducing the risk of developing type II diabetes.

We do love our antioxidants and the organic pear provides us with a few, meaning it assists the prevention of cancer and the expelling of free radicals.

We are always happy to hear when a fruit benefits bone health and the prevention of osteoporosis. Pears are special in this area as the contain boron which helps the body to preserve calcium.


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