Turnips per 500g

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Organic turnips per 500g portion

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€3.66 per kgDid you know?The organic turnip’s root is high in Vitamin C. The most common type of turnip is mostly white-skinned apart from the upper 1–6 centimeters, which protrude above the ground and are purple, red, or greenish wherever sunlight has fallen. This above-ground part develops from stem tissue, but is fused with the root. The interior flesh is entirely whiteIn Ireland we sometimes get confused but believe it or not a Turnip is not a Swede :)Culinary uses?Those that are small have the sweetest, most tender flavor. The smaller turnip can be eaten raw, such as when sliced and added to salads.The larger the turnip, the more woody it tends to be.Turnips can be baked, boiled, sauteed, steamed or eaten raw.


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