Tartine Oats & Seeds Granary Sourdough Subscription

4.00 / week

Tartine breads are only available to order on Tuesdays and Thursdays before 1pm and will be delivered the next day with 2 days shelf life. All breads may be delivered sliced or unsliced depending on availability.

Food Lover and artisan baker Thibault Peigne is passionate about baking bread and uses the finest organic ingredients and traditional methods. He has created Tartine Organic Bakery in swords to bring you freshly baked bread.

Wheat flour*, Wholemeal Wheat flour*, WHolemeal Rye flour*, Oats*, Brown linseed*, Sunflower seeds*, Millet*, Sourdough culture*, Sea salt, Yeast (0.01%)
*Certifed organic ingredient.

Contains Gluten and may contain nuts.

PLEASE NOTE: Your first order may take up to five days to dispatch. Deliveries will continue as normal from then on. Due to our freshness standards and delivery schedule we can only dispatch breads on Tuesdays and Thursdays


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